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Train like the pros with Aqua Blue Sport

No matter what your cycling goal - getting back in shape, clocking your first century, tackling an Alpine sportive or sharpening your competitive edge – investing in the right pro performance coaching plan is the biggest step you can take in the right direction.

Working closely with team Performance Director and world renowned couch, Kevin Poulton, Aqua Blue Sport is excited to introduce tailored pro performance coaching plans for cyclists of all levels. Based on the same principles of structured training, clear objectives and data analysis that allow Team Aqua Blue Sport to perform at the highest level, our plans bring high performance within the reach of all.

Training Plans 2


It’s simple – with our pro performance coaching plans you receive not only a structured programme individually tailored to your goals, ability level and available training time, but also individual attention from a member of the Aqua Blue Sport professional coaching staff for the duration. Our plans offer:

  • Your choice of plan objective;
  • Your choice of plan duration - 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks;
  • Your choice of plan intensity – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced;
  • Downloadable TrainingPeaks workouts for your compatible GPS device, indoor training application or power meter head unit;
  • Workouts that can be performed outdoors or using an indoor trainer;
  • Progressive plan structure based on power or HR data analysis;
  • Regular feedback from professional Aqua Blue Sport coach.
  • 3 month free Zwift and TrainingPeaks accounts to keep you on track


We offer five different coaching plans tailored to specific objectives, with each plan available in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced versions.

Climbing Coaching Plan

Climbing Coaching Plan

Whether you want to wear the King of the Mountains jersey or just improve your ability to conquer gravity, our Climbing plan is the solution. Workouts focus on building endurance, aerobic capacity and VO2 Max, progressively increasing the threshold effort you can sustain up hills.

Criterium Training Plan

Criterium Coaching Plan

For short-course racing and tough criterium competition you need to be able to dig deep for powerful surges. Our Criterium plan includes workouts to improve your neuromuscular strength and anaerobic ability – essential for powering out of corners, over short climbs and in sprints to the line

FTP training Plan

FTP Coaching Plan

Fundamental to improving your athletic performance is developing your Functional Power Threshold (FTP) – the maximum wattage you can sustain over 60 minutes. Our FTP Builder plan includes pre- and post-programme FTP testing and will improve your ability to sustain a higher power output over longer periods.

Gran Fondo Training Plan

Gran Fondo Coaching Plan

If you’re taking on a long-distance cycling challenge – a big sportive ride, your first century or a bike holiday in the sun – you want to be sure you can complete it in comfort. Our Gran Fondo plan is the ideal preparation for the ride of a lifetime, and will develop your endurance, climbing prowess and overall fitness.

Training to compete plan

Training Plan to Compete

Whether you’re hunting more podium places or just keen to give racing a try, our Training to Compete plan is the perfect racing primer. Workouts are designed to replicate the unique demands of competition and give you the skills and strength you need to cross the line first.

Weight Loss Training Plan

Weight Loss Coaching Plan

For a concerted focus on shifting unwanted pounds, our 12-week Weight Loss coaching plan combines appropriate on-bike training sessions with a targeted nutrition strategy. This plan employs dietary manipulation techniques that optimise your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, making you a leaner, lighter and more efficient athlete.

Training Plans 4


Once you have chosen your plan according to your objective and level, your coach will send you a detailed questionnaire. Based on your answers your plan will then be tailored according to your needs and a FREE TrainingPeaks account set up to which your plan will be uploaded.

You will receive a Welcome Pack with further details of your plan plus the login information you need to get started. Workouts are downloadable to your compatible GPS device, indoor training application or power meter head unit. Once you have finished each workout, complete the details in TrainingPeaks and your coach will be able to monitor your progress and offer feedback.

At all times your coach is available to provide expertise, insights and motivation – just like with the pro team. Bring your cycling to the next level, and train like the pros with Aqua Blue Sport.


No matter what plan you choose, there are some key training tips that will help you succeed.


It is very important that your body remains hydrated throughout the course of the plan and moving forwards. You should aim to consume at a minimum, 2.5 litres of water per day to ensure you remain hydrated in addition to any tea, coffee, protein shakes etc. which you may consume throughout the day.


Most of your fitness gains are made when you are resting and recovering, as the body adapts to the additional training load. Follow the rest/active recovery days outlined in your plan and ensure you have a quality sleep routine in place that is enough for your needs.


It is essential that you give your body the right fuel before, during and after training. Your diet should balance carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, including plenty of whole foods that provide you with the complex nutrients you need for energy, recovery and muscle development.

Training Plans 6


If you’re new to structured training programmes, just getting started with data-based training or just want a refresher, there are some key terms you’ll need to know.

  • Endurance: Endurance training conditions your body to work for longer without fatigue. Our plans include longer endurance-focused workouts to build your fitness base, as well as shorter, interval-based workouts for focused gains
  • Aerobic capacity: Your aerobic capacity is the maximum amount of work your body can do, based on its ability to consume oxygen and supply to your muscles. Workouts that build your aerobic capacity are focused on endurance and stamina.
  • Anaerobic: Anaerobic workouts are based on strength and power rather than endurance. Workouts that build your anaerobic ability are focused on short, high-intensity intervals.
  • Intervals: Intervals are short periods of high-intensity work, alternating with short periods of low-intensity recovery. Interval training has been proven to improve aerobic capacity faster and more effectively than exercising at a continuous intensity, and to improve your anaerobic ability
  • VO2 Max: Your VO2 Max is a measure of the maximal amount of oxygen (in millilitres) per kg of bodyweight that you can use in 1 minute. Your VO2 Max figure is a concrete measure of your aerobic capacity.
  • Lactate Threshold: Your Lactate Threshold (LT) is the point of exercise intensity after which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood at a faster rate than it can be removed.
  • Tempo: ‘Tempo’ is brisk but sustained riding at a pace higher than active recovery/endurance intensity but lower than Threshold. It corresponds to Zone 3 on the seven-zone scale of power-based training zones (see below).
  • Threshold: ‘Threshold’ involves high-intensity intervals, riding just below your Lactate Threshold, aimed at improving your ability to sustain higher efforts for longer.
  • Active Recovery: Most of your fitness gains are made when you are resting and recovering. Active Recovery days follow high-intensity workouts and focus on completing training at a low intensity, but just high enough that it gets the blood flowing and helps reduce residual fatigue in the muscle.
  • Power: Your power output (measured in watts) is the key metric we use to structure your workouts/intervals and track your progress.
  • Power zones: Power-based training zones are a way to determine effort during training. We use a classification of seven zones, with Zone 1 being the easiest (low level of exertion, active recovery sessions or recovery between intervals) and Zone 7 (maximal, high-intensity effort) the most difficult.
  • FTP: Your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the highest average power output you can sustain for 60 minutes, measured in watts.
  • Average Power: This is a simple measurement of your power output during a workout or part of a workout, divided by the time of the workout.
  • Normalized Power (NP): Average power, especially when expressed over a longer period of time, doesn’t take into account other variables which may affect output, including the workout profile and the efforts of switching intensities. Normalized Power (NP) is an estimate of the power that you could have maintained for the same physiological "cost" if your power had been perfectly constant.
  • Intensity Factor (IF): This is the ratio of Normalized Power recorded during a workout compared to your FTP, giving a relative intensity of the workout.
  • Training Stress Score (TSS): Our TrainingPeaks plans use a variety of physiological metrics (including Normalized Power and Intensity Factor) to quantify the Training Stress Score (TSS) of a particular workout.