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Sigma BC 8.12 ATS Wireless Cycling Computer

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Analog encoded single-channel wireless transmission

ATS refers to SIGMA SPORT’s own, newly developed, wireless, analog, coded transmission. The BC 8.12 ATS is the entry level wireless bike computer in the TOPLINE 2012.

The wireless transmitter on the fork transmits the signal from the magnets to the integrated receiver within the computer head.


  •     Device settings via UFSB
  •     Service interval
  •     Switch between kmh/mph mode
  •     UFSB-compatible

Total values

  •     Total distance
  •     Total ride time

DATA CENTER functions

  •     Calender function
  •     Comparison of 2 individual memories
  •     Individual memory evaluation
  •     Note function
  •     PC interface via docking station (opt.)
  •     Print all evaluations
  •     Setting computer via PC
  •     Statistical evaluation
  •     Summary of total values
  •     Sychronization manager

Several functions

  •     Battery life (years): 2
  •     Battery type receiver CR 2032
  •     Battery type transmitter CR 2032
  •     Mount for handlebars and stem
  •     Watertight

Bike functions

  •     Average speed
  •     Current speed
  •     Maximum speed
  •     Trip distance
  •     Trip time

Time functions

  •     Time (12 / 24 h)
Battery CR 2032
Colour White