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See.Sense 2.0 Front Light

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Get some road sense with the See.Sense. intelligent front light. This tiny, clever light helps make you more visible – flashing brightest when a cyclist needs it most. Seriously bright LED’s, long run-time, USB rechargeable, no switches, weatherproof, lightweight, widely-dispersed light, strong mount. Can be set to a steady beam, but main use is intended to be as a light to ‘be seen’ not ‘to see’. New for 2.0: Auto on/off. A new auto standby has been perfected to put the lights to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity and wake them up the next time the bike moves. Improved standby-time. Power consumption has been reduced in standby mode, giving 12 times longer standby time. Increased brightness. LED technology moves at an extraordinary pace so the light has been updated to deliver to 11 extra lumens with no impact on runtime. Revised design and firmware. Minor changes to further enhance the performance and reliability of every See.Sense
Colour NA
Brightness Standard 160 Lumens
Charging USB Rechargable