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The new ROTOR QXL is a Q-Ring with increased ovalization. They have a similar shape to standard QRings, ensuring exceptional drivetrain stability. QXL rings do not replace standard Q-Rings, rather complement them as each is optimized for different rider profiles and situations.

We believe that standard Q-Rings offer an optimal adaptation-stability-biomechanical balance for most cyclists. However, we are aware of scientific research and feedback from pro riders that shows that greater ovality can be desirable and useful for certain athletes since not all riders have the same muscle build, riding form, or pedaling style.

The feedback was positive from many professional riders previously wary of Q-Rings. These athletes reported an improved cycling experience when pedaling out of the saddle and accelerating.

QXL chainrings are most noticeable when riding in conditions of high power delivery and consistent maximum (peak) effort, like time trials, sprints, breakaways, etc.

Manufacturer's Part Number RQXL16
Colour Black
BCD (mm) 110
Speed 11 speed
No. of Bolts 5
Activity Road Comfort, Road Racing, Triathlon, TT