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Knight 95 Clincher - Chris King R45 Ceramic - Shimano/SRAM

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Used by pro and amateur triathletes and time trialists for maximum speed and watt savings at all yaws, the Knight 95 clincher wheelset offers unrivalled aerodynamics with dynamic and dependable handling.


The Knight 95 – engineered to:

> Reduce drag by 300g over a standard rim at 15 degrees of yaw
> Beat similar depth rims from the competition by 6.5 watts/32.5 seconds over a 40km course, when travelling at roughly 30mph
> Shatter your PB on all but the steepest/most technical time trial and triathlon courses

This chart shows the remarkable aerodynamic performance of a deep rim. Not only does the Knight 95 completely erase its own initial drag at zero yaw (160g), it yields an additional -112g ‘sail effect’. At 15 degrees yaw, it has 45g less drag than its nearest competitor (4.5 Watts or 22.5 seconds saved over 40km) and 288g less drag than a traditional V-rim. K95 vs Competitors Legend: Company A = Market Leader 1 Company B = Market Leader 2 Company C = Market Leader 3 Notes: Front Wheel Only, 25mph, Strut drag removed, data normalised to Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure Percentage wise, the K95 doesn’t improve upon its competitors as much as the K65 does. However, measured in absolute grams of drag it eclipses the 60mm class (-160g) with -280g at 15 degrees of yaw. [stag_divider style=”plain”] Frame P5 ComparisonsP5 Frame Comparisons Legend: Company A = Market Leader 1 Company B = Market Leader 2 Notes: Full Frame Test with a Cervelo P5, 25mph, Strut drag removed, data normalised to Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure KQ’s Commentary: Discerning wheel performance from full frame testing is more difficult than one may think. Frame results exhibit much more ‘scatter’ than wheel only results and are increasingly more asymmetric. Frame components themselves can vary in position no matter how hard you try to maintain consistency. The overall ‘score’ is more heavily dominated by the frame than the wheels. Nevertheless, our internal results show a clear trend that a Knight Wheel combo (60/60, 60/90, 90/90..etc) is a formidable competitor.

Knight 95 Carbon Fibre Clincher Wheelset Technical Specification

Colour Black
Wheel Size 700c
Wheel Type Set
Hubs Chris King R45 Ceramic
Rims Depth (mm) 95
Rim Profile ( MM ) Width (mm) 28.25
Activity Road Racing, Triathlon