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Knight 65 Clincher - Tune Mig70/Mag170 - Campagnolo

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The Knight 65 rim has been developed using TEAM Tech shaping, to provide superior performance at all angles of yaw.


The Knight 65 – engineered to:

> Minimize “wind steer” by moving a higher percentage of lift the to back of the wheel

> Add lift to reduce the watts required for the same result – provided by our proprietary parabolic shape

> Enhance your performance on flatter road races and crits, as well as technical or windy triathlon courses

K65 vs Competitors
Legend: Company A = Market Leader 1
Company B = Market Leader 2
Company C = Market Leader 3

Notes: Front Wheel Only, 25mph, Strut drag removed, data normalised to Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure

The Knight 65 was the size which presented the largest challenge as most competitors in this class are high performers. Our first prototype performed below our expectations and so set us back about 3 months. However, we created two final design candidates and both were leaders in this class. Observe that the Knight 65 gaps the competition by 30 grams of drag at zero degrees yaw, and builds upon this lead even past 20 degrees yaw.


Knight 65 Carbon Fibre Clincher Wheelset Technical Specification

Colour Black
Wheel Size 700c
Wheel Type Set
Hubs Tune Mig70/Mag170
Rims Depth (mm) 65
Rim Profile ( MM ) Width (mm) 28.0
Activity Road Racing