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Knight 35 Tubular Cyclocross - Aivee SR5 – Campagnolo

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Unlike mountain bike wheels that typically start at 26”, ‘cross wheels are more similar in size to those found on the road. Prior to wheel manufacturers developing cross specific wheels, many road rims were playing double duty. With the growth in popularity of cross in a number of markets, several of our existing consumers began asking for a Knight cross specific rim.

While a cross rim looks similar to a road rim, it is actually quite different. Starting with our Knight 35 as a base, the engineering team at Knight began the research and development of our first cross wheel. They determined the stresses that are placed on a cross wheel – on how and where they are different than what our road wheels were facing. Once the stresses were established, it required the team to redefine the carbon layup process to ensure the right material was put in the right place

At first blush, a tubular wheel looks very similar to a clincher, but in reality the construction of them is quite different. Once the Knight Composites clincher wheel series where into the manufacturing stage, our engineering team went to work on the design and development of our tubular series.

Using a similar development process as our clincher wheels, our engineers have designed our tubular wheelsets to offer all the aerodynamic advantages of our clincher series, for those who prefer the feel of a tubular tyre.


The Knight 35 Tubular Cyclocross wheelset – engineered to:

> Provide a strong aero advantage over other cross rims on the market

> Reduce rim weight versus our already low weight standard brake version by removing the over-engineered brake track

> Accommodate the loads experienced from cross riding by increasing the strength of the spoke bed


Knight 35 Tubular Cyclocross Wheelset Technical Specification

Colour Black
Wheel Size 700c
Wheel Type Set
Hubs Aivee SR5
Rims Depth (mm) 35
Rim Profile ( MM ) Width (mm) 25.5
Activity MTB, Cyclo Cross