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Child Seat Bobike MaxiExcl RR

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Maxi Exclusive rear childseat - urban black With the Maxi Exclusive you can take your child safety and comfortably along on the back of a bicycle Thanks to the design, use of materials and ingenious functional features, your child is provided with maximum protection and comfort The Maxi Exclusive will always have the right fit for your child because of the patented safety belt system and foot rests that easily adjust in length Easy to mount to virtually any bicycle with its supplied one point mounting and luggage carrier mounting brackets The smart design of the 3-point patented safety belt system, with its ergonomically shaped shoulder section and unique upper closure keeps the safety belt from slipping off the child’s shoulders and ensures a safe and comfortable sitting position Waterproof cushioned seat, spoke protectors, adjustable foot support trays and helmet recess ensure your child's comfort Approved to the latest European strict safety standards EN 14344 Suitable for children weighing from 9 to 22 kilos For children from 9 months to 6 years Available in a range of colours
Colour Black