How To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer


Your car battery is quite significant in the general operation of the car. For your vehicle to start and ride smoothly, it relies more on the condition of the battery that it depends on other factors. The battery is responsible for transforming chemical energy into electrical form. Therefore, whether it is fueled to the full tank or you are always at the garage getting it checked, when the battery is not in good condition, the vehicle might not serve you right. The battery ensures your car starts smoothly; it has lights charge your phone and play some music. When you don’t care for it, it may not live to its capacity hence pushing you to replace it with a better one. Here are some tips on how to take care of the battery to serve you longer.

Avoid Numerous Short Trips

It feels good to get in the car and drive off to various destinations. However, you don’t have to drive to places where you can walk or board a bike. Every time you start your engine and drive, you give your battery a workout. The more you drive, your engine recharges the battery to regain lost power in the process. When you drive for short distances, the engine will not be able to restore all the energy used hence reduce the battery voltage. Eventually, it will be difficult to start the car. However, this should not indicate that you don’t ride in your vehicle. Instead, drive frequently and longer for easy battery maintenance.

Test It Often

You don’t have to wait until you are stranded on the road to consider testing your battery. Testing it often helps you understand its condition and functionality before its late. Know if it has enough voltage and whether it charges as required. By testing the battery often, you will help maximize its usability and avoid unnecessary incidences.

Minimize Using Power When the Engine Is Off

It is often tempting to switch on the radio and switch off the engine while stuck on traffic or waiting for a friend beside the road. However, did you know that this could be the reason your battery cannot live to its full life capacity? Your battery is at its best when kept charged closely to 100% all the time. Let your battery work while the engine is on to keep recharging and maintain an excellent voltage level.

Avoid Heat Exposure

Heat increases water evaporation from battery cells. This problem then manifests during cold seasons as you try to start your vehicle. Therefore, if possible, ensure to park your car under a shade or keep it garaged when not in use. If you don’t find secure parking under the shade, then find ways to regulate temperature or insulate your car battery.


Your car battery minimum life should be 2-5 years. However, you have to be careful in the way you use the car to keep this life active. Regular car check is another easy way to maintain your battery life.

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