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Aqua Blue Sport Academy

At Aqua Blue Sport it’s not just about the next race, or even about the next season – it’s about building a future that allows homegrown talent to shine on world stage.

Launched in 2017, the Aqua Blue Sport Academy (ABSA) is intended as the springboard that will allow the cream of young Irish riding talent bridge the gap from the amateur ranks to success as a professional cyclist, with the structured support and mentorship of the Aqua Blue Sport High Performance Athlete Support (HPAS) team.

The ABSA will build on the domestic success of the Irish amateur Team Aqua Blue, which has included riders such as 2016 National Road Series winner Sean Lacey, Rio 2016 triathlete Bryan Keane and rising young stars including Conor Hennebry, Sean McKenna and Mark O’Callaghan among its ranks. It will provide a pathway for young riding talent to develop into the pro stars of the future, through a programme of structured progression with the final objective being consideration for the Aqua Blue Sport Professional Continental squad.

In recent years we have seen a new generation of young Irish riders with the potential to compete at World Tour level, - explains Aqua Blue Sport founder and team principal Rick Delaney.

The Aqua Blue Sport Academy aims to provide a defined pathway through which riders with the motivation, drive and talent can have the support to succeed.

Initial intake to the ABSA for 2017 will consist of four riders drawn from the Aqua Blue amateur team who will, over the course of the racing season, receive:

  • A professional assessment, orientation and programme introduction from the members of the Aqua Blue Sport High Performance Athlete Support (HPAS) team led by Director of Athletic Performance Stephen Barrett;
  • A structured season-long race and training programme, devised by the HPAS team and tailored to the individual strengths and objectives of each athlete;
  • Ongoing performance analysis, data analysis and training/mentorship provided by the HPAS team;
  • Access to Aqua Blue Sport professional athletes for mentorship including insights on career development and professional expectations;
  • Potential progression to the Aqua Blue Sport professional squad as a stagiaire following completion of ABSA programme (based on performance, achievement of stated objectives etc. – to be assessed by HPAS team).

The idea behind the Aqua Blue Sport Academy is to take good riders, give them the absolute best support possible and make them excellent, - Delaney said.

We are looking for riders who can demonstrate a maturity in their approach and a consistency both in their results and in the methods by which they strive to achieve those results.

The Aqua Blue Sport Academy will provide an environment that emphasises open communication and incredible access to experienced professionals – we want riders who will thrive in that environment and for whom it can be a launchpad to success.

For more information on the Aqua Blue Sport Academy contact: info@aquabluesport.com