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About Us

What is AquaBlueSport.com?

Aquabluesport.com is an online marketplace for all things pedal-powered, bridging the gap between customers and retailers and putting the world’s bike shops at your fingertips.

Developed by the people behind Aqua Blue Sport, Ireland’s first Professional Continental cycling team, Aquabluesport.com offers cycling retailers, brands and distributors a unique digital platform to bring their products to a much wider market, and gives customers unrivalled choice in one online location plus a wealth of knowledge, expertise and cycling content to enjoy.

Who are Aqua Blue Sport?

Aqua Blue Sport is Ireland’s first Professional Continental Cycling team, and Aquabluesport.com is part of our vision to become the world’s first self-sustained pro squad. We’re cyclists first and foremost, with the desire to bring customers and retailers together through the power of digital technology.

We’re for more customer options, more value and the best deals on the internet. We’re for more power for independent bike shops, bigger reach for the little guy and a smaller world, with bigger choice.

We’re for club runs and solo spins; hammer drops and cake stops; leadout trains and broom wagons; cresting climbs and railing berms; full gas and just riding along.

We’re for cyclists, and Aquabluesport.com is for you.

How does it work?

For customers – Aquabluesport.com provides a single online marketplace where you can browse the best deals, research the latest trends, enjoy a wealth of bike-related content and buy direct from independent retailers, with your purchases delivered to your door.

Try it for yourself

For retailers - Aquabluesport.com provides a digital marketplace for bike retailers to connect with customers far beyond the reach of their local store. Selling products via Aquabluesport.com provides a complete digital solution that removes the costs and resources associated with maintaining a dedicated online e-commerce platform, with a B2C model that delivers huge digital reach, content marketing and brand awareness.

What are the benefits – for cyclists?

The benefits for cyclists are simple – the best cycling products and deals from a wide network of international retailers, in one online location and backed with the support and expertise of the Aquabluesport.com team.

What are the benefits – for retailers?

For retailers, Aquabluesport.com offers a mobile-optimised e-commerce solution without the hassle of populating and maintaining a standalone digital sales platform. Retailers who sell via Aquabluesport.com will receive:

  • Access to an international target market through the Aqua Blue Sport brand, via team activity and unique digital content;
  • A complete e-commerce hosting solution including the option of custom domains for retailers;
  • Store and sales analysis reports via a custom retailer dashboard providing key metrics including orders, visits, conversion rates and much more;
  • Enhanced on-site marketing inventory for stores to avail of including onsite advertising, email marketing, content and social media marketing support etc.;
  • Full customer service support infrastructure for retailers including a dedicated set-up and maintenance team

Got a question about shopping with Aquabluesport.com or selling as a vendor? Feel free to Contact Us.